- by [email protected] - October 30, 2023

For the safety of our teams, we do NOT offer the following as part of our cleaning services:


Any surfaces over 10 feet high requiring an extension ladder (high windows, ceiling fans, vents, crown molding). If a 2-step ladder is available, our team can use it to reach higher areas.

Ceiling fans are not cleaned unless within reach and requested as an add-on.

Hazardous materials or substances like blood, waste, trash cans, litter boxes, pet messes, and pet beds. Removing strong odors (mold, animal waste, smoke, etc.), walls, heavy marks/stains on walls, baseboards, and other painted surfaces due to potential damage to the paint, upholstery, freezers, chandeliers, HVAC/ceiling vents, fixtures, fragile blinds, removing cabinet liners, exterior windows, hard water buildup, mold/paint removal, grout, unfinished basements, concrete, furniture moving, heavy lifting, outdoor work, hoarding, excess clutter, dead bugs or pest control (fleas, roaches, rodents, bed bugs, etc.) or unsafe environments. If you have the above, we have a trusted highly rated local partner to help get your home ready for us to clean it!